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Performance issue on IG page after Export/Import

J-Lig Member Posts: 290 Bronze Badge


I think this has been happening on several of my recent applications, but I have only been able to pinpoint what was "causing" the problem with my current app. I have an Interactive Grid page that performs just fine until I Export/Import (for migrations). After I Import the app, my page is SUPER slow and basically just hangs. If I edit the page in the builder and go to the query and hit the space bar just to "register a change" (although nothing is really changing). After saving, it works fine again. I attempted to run the page with debug on and dont see anything indicative of a problem. It just takes forever.

We are running, but I believe this was happening in previous versions but I could never figure out when or how to reproduce it until now. I just noticed that one day my page was fine and the next it was SUPER slow and the only action I had taken was Export and Importing. I can reproduce it every time now. It even happens when I change nothing, but Export and Import into the same environment. Unfortunately, this is a fairly complicated app and it runs against our eBusiness suite database so I cannot reproduce it on

Not sure if this is related, but I have several fairly complex (filters, aggregates, etc) saved custom report views within the IG.

I was just wondering if anyone else has seen this before? Perhaps people have experienced "seemingly random" performance issues, but have yet to connect it to Export/Import functions? Does anyone know what might change about a page/query during Export/Import that might be causing this? When I Export the file each time it looks exactly the same to me. At least I cannot see any indication of what might be changing between Export/Import.

Any thoughts?

Thank you,


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