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Why is App Import - Install Supporting Objects so slow?

StewStrykerNH Member Posts: 89 Blue Ribbon
edited May 9, 2018 9:11AM in APEX Discussions

I know, I shouldn't use supporting objects once the application is in Production. But I do still for one of them I don't have time/priority to re-factor.

When installing the application to our Pre-Production or Production environments, it seems that the Import step where I indicate whether to install Supporting Objects takes a LONG time to get a response when I click the Next button.  Today the request even timed out, but it can easily take 3 minutes to respond.

Any ideas why this might be?

Thanks in Advance,




  • Scott Wesley
    Scott Wesley Member Posts: 6,146 Gold Crown
    edited May 8, 2018 8:56PM

    To explore such an issue, we'd at least need to know things like

    - APEX version

    - what supporting objects you have

  • StewStrykerNH
    StewStrykerNH Member Posts: 89 Blue Ribbon
    edited May 9, 2018 9:11AM


    Excellent point!

    We are still running Apex V5.0.3 because it's a shared system and DBAs are very conservative (a good thing, usually).

    The 18k installation script sets up 5 small image files and 2 CSS files to the WORKSPACE_IMAGES directory (the old tab menu interface). 

    What's always seemed odd to me is, when I click Next on this Installation Wizard, the Chrome Refresh buttons spins as if it's sending the response to the server and waiting for a response. That is, it spins counter-clockwise for up to 5 minutes, then (if it doesn't time-out), spins for a few seconds waiting for the server response.  Maybe I'm misunderstanding what's going on?



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