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Installing ODBC driver via Instant Client

edited Jun 9, 2018 4:19AM in ODBC

I downloaded the instant client from Instant Client for Microsoft Windows (x64) 64-bit.  The installation instruction ODBC Instant Client Release Notes mentions to unzip (I unzipped in instantclient_12_1 folder) and run odbc_install.exe for Windows Installing Oracle Instant Client ODBC.  However there is no odbc_install.exe file under instantclient_12_1 folder.  I followed another instruction to set PATH env variable to include path to this instantclient_12_1 folder,  but I dont see Oracle ODBC driver in the ODBC Data Source Administrator to configure a data source.

How do you install this ODBC driver and make it available in Windows ODBC Administrator?  I am trying to connect to an Oracle db from Crystal Reports tool.



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  • ytf-Oracle
    ytf-Oracle Member Posts: 5
    edited May 22, 2018 3:17AM Answer ✓

    Hi there,

    You also need to download from the same web page. And then unzip and into the same directory (eg intantclient_12_2). Then follow the instruction in ODBC_IC_Readme_Win.html which you can find under directory intantclient_12_2.

    Hope it helps.

  • Ken_553995
    Ken_553995 Member Posts: 9 Blue Ribbon
    edited May 29, 2018 1:26PM

    Very odd that Instant Client for Microsoft Windows (x64) 64-bit  shows one basic OR one basic lite file and your response refers to a hidden file to obtain the elusive odbc_install.exe.

    And the articles for installing on windows are cryptic and arcane requiring directories to be created, path variables, windows registry settings etc.  I do miss the old days where everything you need was in one place and installation was straight forward i.e. setup.exe with wizards without requiring convoluted multiple external resources to determine how to utilize a driver.

    The sad thing is that on that page, there is no feedback component to ask customers if there was a problem procuring resources, installation etc resulting in wasted time for those unfamiliar with the new process.

    Any ways grateful for a link and to begin the fourth attempt in trying to install an Oracle ODBC driver to use with Excel for my client. Sigh

  • ytf-Oracle
    ytf-Oracle Member Posts: 5
    edited Jun 3, 2018 8:45PM

    Hi Ken,

    Sorry to hear that you had troubles to install Oracle ODBC driver. The installing instruction has been updated to make it clearer that two packages are required. Please see: ODBC Instant Client Release Notes

    Thanks for your valuable feedback.

  • dc579d6e-459f-41ec-9b12-1695f02ca943
    edited Jun 8, 2018 5:59PM

    Hi, I'm Covi.

    I'm in the process of trying to install Oracle ODBC x64- and X32. driver onto Windows Server 2012.  This process is the most unsuccessful process I've ever encountered installing windows server bits and has consumed much of my time.

    Ken_553995 is right on,

    Oracle I don't think you could have made this anymore difficult!

    How about a simple ODBC installer that does everything that's needed?  No manual anything other than click install.

    Thanks - Covi

  • Thiyagu - Oracle
    Thiyagu - Oracle Member Posts: 30
    edited Jun 9, 2018 4:19AM


    You can find installation instruction under

    Instant Client for Microsoft Windows (x64) 64-bit

    Once you edthe 64 bit Client, then you need to start the ODBC Administrator from C:\Windows\System32\odbcad32.exe for 64 bit Oracle ODBC driver.

    create DSN and test



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