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Duplicate tables are retrieved with ADODB

DarshitaC Member Posts: 1
edited Aug 4, 2018 6:27AM in Oracle Provider for OLE DB

I need to fetch all the tables in the database and for that I am using ADODB's Connection.OpenSchema as below -

                               _connection.OpenSchema(SchemaEnum.adSchemaTables, new string[] { "", "ADMIN", "", "TABLE" });

This call returns a Record set that contains the all the tables. This call actually returns duplicate tables in the record set whereas the data in the database is absolutely correct.

Here I am using Oracle Server and Client - 12.2 Version

I have used Oracle server 12.2 64 bit and tested it with both Oracle client 12.2 - 32 bit as well as 12.2 - 64 bit. I found duplicate values both the times.

To ensure that the issue is only on Oracle Client 12.2 - I also tested the same with Oracle server 12.2 - 64 bit and Oracle client 12.1 . This time the tables were not duplicate. Hence the issue is only with Oracle client 12.2

The duplicate tables were found in particular order. Out of all the tables, only the first tables 100 were duplicated and rest of the tables after 100th were fine in the list.

What can be done to avoid the duplicate tables?


  • 993843
    993843 Member Posts: 33
    edited Jun 12, 2018 10:42AM


    Can you share the connection string used in ADO?



  • user11259807
    user11259807 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
    edited Aug 4, 2018 6:27AM

    I am experiencing the same issue when creating a Recordset object using the Open method. 

    SQL:                                    SELECT USER_OBJECTS.* FROM USER_OBJECTS

    The first 100 rows are always repeated exactly 100 rows later.    No other rows out of 4000+ are duplicated.   The record count produced in SQL Developer is always exactly 100 less.

    Connection String:              Provider=OraOLEDB.Oracle;User Id=XXXXXXXX;Password=XXXXXXXXX;Data Source=servername:1521/datamartdb

    Driver version:                    Release for ODAC 12.2c Release 1

    Driver notes:                       32-bit,  The ODAC XCopy version (73.9MB) downloaded  from earlier this week

    The only thing non-standard about my driver installation is that I also installed the ODBC package.  The same code works just fine on another machine using an older 11g driver.

    Thank you for mentioning that the 12.1 drivers do not have this issue.

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