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NP07883 Member Posts: 3

I am trying to use the .NET API for EDQP but after I connect to the server it says that I am unable to run jobs.    I am able to pull in all the Process Map info, so I don't think that it is a problem with server activation.  Also, I am able to run jobs on the server using Excel Services but not by using the API in my .NET application.

My question is:   Is there some other permission that I need in order to run jobs with the API?  If so, where can I change this to allow me to run jobs through the API

Here is my code:


       Dim g_oTopologySession As TopologySession = New TopologySession()

       Dim g_oTopologyServer As TopologyServer = New TopologyServer()


       g_oTopologySession.SessionLogon(""*****.*********.***", #####, "*****", "*****")
       g_oTopologyServer = g_oTopologySession.createDataServer(""*****.*********.***",#####, "*********")

        If g_oTopologyServer.isDlsError Then
           exit sub
        End If

        ' Check if the user has rights to run this job.
        If g_oTopologySession.canRunDSA Then
            RichTextBox.AppendText("Starting User Test at " + CStr(DateTime.Now) +
            MsgBox("User " + + " does not have capability to run in this Server Group")
        End If


  • Jeff Brown-Oracle
    Jeff Brown-Oracle Member Posts: 9
    edited Oct 8, 2018 5:51PM


    I'm sorry this thread was not addressed in a timely fashion. If you still have unanswered questions could I request you please open an SR regarding this matter?

    Thanks and Best Regards,

    ---Jeff Brown

    Global Customer Support Engineer, Middleware Certification Support and Community Team

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