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Can we deploy a OVB application in Oracle JET CLI ?

tinavidhu Member Posts: 41 Blue Ribbon
edited Jun 24, 2018 12:53PM in Oracle JET

Can we try to migrate an application made using Visual Builder into Oracle JET CLI? Is there any documentation available for the same?



  • Duncan Mills-Oracle
    Duncan Mills-Oracle Member Posts: 4,079 Employee
    edited Jun 21, 2018 4:15AM

    No - you can manually lift the HTML pages from within the OVB and replace variable references with observables but that's it - you'd have to re-build everything other than the pages.  Logically flows would become modules and the variables and action chains in the JSON would map to observables and functions in the viewModel for that module - so it certainly all maps from a logical perspective but it is not a design goal at the moment to enable what you want to do.

    If you want to share code between a base JET application and a VBCS application then put that code into Custom Components (CCA) those can be used by both without change.

  • tinavidhu
    tinavidhu Member Posts: 41 Blue Ribbon
    edited Jun 21, 2018 5:45AM

    Thanks for the clarification. I had one another question, on creating my first JET Hybrid Mobile App, can you please check that as well and help me with the same?

    Getting multiple issues with Hybrid Mobile App Development - App is not serving in Android Emulator

  • John 'JB' Brock-Oracle
    John 'JB' Brock-Oracle Posts: 2,843 Employee
    edited Jun 24, 2018 12:53PM

    Hi Tina,

    Can you shoot me a direct email offline about your use case for using the Visual Builder app with JET directly please.  We are researching this requirement and I would really like to hear your input on how you would see this working.  You can reach me at john<dot>brock<at>oracle<dot>com