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ADF Skins & Dynamic Style (BRANDING) JDev 12c

LCabaco Member Posts: 66
edited Jul 10, 2018 11:40AM in JDeveloper and ADF

Hello guys,

I'm facing an issue that seems to be really hard to solve.

Our application is used by several clients so we need to have some kind of branding that includes changing the look & feel of the application.

The requirement is to let the user set the colors/fonts on the runtime, in order to set the application to it's organization look&feel.

I have two approaches with pros / cons but cant find a mix that fully acomplishes the requirement.

1 Approach - ADF Skins :

- Pros:

     Fully customizable since i can access the pseudo elements from ADF and it's child components, and states (:hover, :focused)....

     Style components directly on af|component, so JSF doesn't need references to styleclass / inline style

- Cons:

     Every client needs it's Skin file, which need to be bundled on the application (so on every skin, app must be Recompiled)

     Skins should be limited so clients can't see other skins than his own

     Icon colors must be provided based on client look & feel

2 Approach - Inline Style on every component

- Pros:

     Totally dynamic since i can use color pickers for client to chose (Primary Color, Secondary Color, Plain Text Color,.....) and save/read them to/from the database. So, in theory, it is ready for any client look & feel

     Only have the main Skin, then the inline style is applied on components

     No EAR needs to be recompiled since color references are on the database

- Cons:

     I Cant style everything, like components status (:hover, :focused,...)

     I Can't style the table header colors/backgrounds, since it's a table pseudo element (MAIN REQUIREMENT HERE)

We have decided to go with the 2º approach, but it's really important that the styling applies to the ADF components such as the table column headers.

Hope someone can help me on this task, because this is a common requirement right? Most of the clients love white labeling and customized look&feel !

Best regards,

Luís Cabaço

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