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ORDS base url

Vinicius Damarques
Vinicius Damarques Member Posts: 27 Blue Ribbon


I have an ORDS on application server which can be called as http://host:port/ords/schema/ .

But I have an requirement to hide the "ords" part, so it would be just http://host:port/schema/ .

I've made it work by configuring the apache reverse proxy and it works fine to call web services.

However, the links that ORDS generates inside the JSON response, such as "describedby" or "next" for pagination, are using the application server syntax (http://host:port/ords/schema)

So, how ORDS manages it's base URL?

I tried to make an ORDS web service at and the links are mounted correctly (

Thanks in advice.

thatJeffSmith-OracleVinicius Damarques


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