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Users accounts in version 10g - Upgrade from to

Hello everybody,

I intend to upgrade Oracle Single Database from to 12cR2 and I´ve been reading the Note ID 2173141.1 and there are a lot of user accounts in version 10g in my database and before the upgrade, I need to fix these users.

According to the Oracle documentation, I need to expire all users accounts that them has a password in the version 10g. The documentation also informs that when the user will connect in the first time, a prompt will show for change the password.

So, this prompt never shows. I want to know if I should configure another parameter in order to show this prompt.

In addition, I need your help to understand about the O5L_NP. I am very confused.

In the same documentation informs that older clients need the critical patch update CPUOCT2012 or later to gain the O5L_NP ability.  What does it mean?

Should it apply this patch on the client or apply in on the database before the upgrade? Isn´t better deinstall the client (windows) and install the client

Thank you for your help.

Regards, Juliana

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