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Write a script to monitor unauthorized write operations

user8723319 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2018 in MySQL Community Space

Hi to everyone,

I need some help with to different points regarding MySQL script and configuration.

I am doing a test to get a new job and I must solve these two questions:

     1. Write a script which will monitor unauthorized write operations in production database and trigger in case of inconsistency.

     2. You have 16GB server contains one production innoDB database its size 5GB. Please include all memory configurations to optimize server resources for this database noting that ratio between read and write is 80:20.

I am really new in MySQL. I am a SQL Server database administrator and now I am starting with MySQL. I could resolve diferent problems but I need some help with these two.

Thanks in advance.



Jairo Suarez


  • Dave Stokes-MySQL Community Team-Oracle
    Dave Stokes-MySQL Community Team-Oracle MySQL Community Manager TexasMember Posts: 350 Employee
    edited August 2018

    Hi Lucas,

    Good luck with the job process.  Both questions have deeper depth than face value suggests

    The second one is easier.  If you are running MySQL 5.6 or later, set the innodb buffer pool size to 70-80% of RAM (start on low side).  That is the big setting and most of the others will be minor tweaks.  If they are running 5.5 or earlier that would make me ask what other VERY OLD software they are running(and would make me shy away from the job).

    Unauthorized writes is a big hazy in meaning.  The error log (or audit log if enabled) should note improper accesses.  But if the account/password/host permissions are good there is no 'unauthorized' access.  And it is easy to write a script to  read the log files and report unauthorized attempts.

    Jairo Suarez
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