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Oracle 12.2 ODP.NET

edited August 2018 in ODP.NET

I have an older application that worked well with Windows 7 (32-bit) and Oracle 11g and I am trying to get it to now run on Windows 10 (64-bit) with Oracle 12.2 (32-bit).  I can install Oracle 12.2 fine and get a good database connection but when I am trying to use this application, I cannot see the ODP.NET.  The driver configuration all appears to be good and all of the registry settings appear correct as well.  The 'path' in the environment variable also seems to be correct and points to the correct oracle folder.  I am not sure why I cannot see this or what to do next.  This is NOT a .NET application but a 3rd party software that just needs to connect to the ODP.NET.  Any help or guidance would be appreciated.


  • Alex Keh-Oracle
    Alex Keh-Oracle Posts: 2,751 Employee
    edited August 2018

    How does the third party application document how it "finds" ODP.NET? Does it use the GAC? Is there some application parameter to set or do you explicitly point it to the ODP.NET's install location?

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