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ODP does not install and does not work

303460 Member Posts: 6

I have a problem with ODP, it doesn't install correctly and I can't make it work in ASP.Net. I first of all installed the new client and ODP on my client/development machine, which worked fine, and I am able to add and use references to ODP.Net in my Visual Studio.Net. But when I try to see my page after compilation, I get an error immediately at the declaration of any ODP related variable at runtime.

I guess ODP must be installed on the server too, but when I run the ODP installer on the server and I click "next" in the "Available Product Components" part (where you can choose to install MTS Services or not, so really at the beginning), I immediately get an error message "The specified key was not found while trying to GetValue". I can choose to continue, but then I anyway get another error at the end of the installation which doesn't make more sense to me, it just speaks about a "runtime error" with no more details.

I really don't understand what this error means ! I am running an Oracle database (I just upgraded and migrated it) on a Windows 2000 server and the Web server is on the same machine (it is a test machine). The database itself works perfectly, I've never had any problem, so I really can't figure out what the installer means with "specified key not found", and I think I fullfilled all requirements.

Can anyone tell me why ODP gives an error at installation on the DB/Web server ? I would like to have a connection with Oracle established in my aspx page but it definitively refuses :(

Thanks in advance !
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