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ADF build using Maven from Jenkins

User_D2P5S Member Posts: 11 Red Ribbon
edited Sep 18, 2018 6:50PM in JDeveloper and ADF

Hi All,

We are working on automating our build and deploy process using  Jenkins and Maven.

Currently our ADF applications are build directly from Jdeveloper and deployed to weblogic application server.

Trying to understand the process to build ears through Maven from Jenkins. Our code is placed in Github and jenkins is pointing to github.

We are having issues in building the ear through maven.

Can anyone please share details or documents on building Ear through Maven in Jenkins.

I have created the pom.xmls in jdeveloper and trying to use repository. Using my Oracle SSO credentials to in maven settings.xml. But this doesnt work, not sure if I am following the right process.





  • Timo Hahn
    Timo Hahn Senior Principal Technical Consultant - Oracle ACE Director Member, Moderator Posts: 37,669 Red Diamond
    edited Sep 14, 2018 4:43AM

    User, tell us your exact JDev version, please!

    Have you successful build the app (and ear) using maven on your dev machine using maven inside JDev?

    Packaging an ear file of an ADF application requires an JDev installation (headless if you like) as the creation of the ear changes some configuration files during the process.


  • dvohra21
    dvohra21 Member Posts: 14,254 Gold Crown
    edited Sep 14, 2018 2:29PM

    What does the Jenkins pipeline consist of? Is the Maven plugin for Jenkins used?

  • User_D2P5S
    User_D2P5S Member Posts: 11 Red Ribbon
    edited Sep 14, 2018 2:42PM

    Hi dvohra21,

    Yeah, we have installed Maven plugin in Jenkins. While running the maven build noticing below errors.

    I have added as the repository and using my Oracle SSO credentials.

    > git rev-list --no-walk
    acd0aef46ae45f762d3012eb6dd682699dbcd4d2 # timeout=10 Parsing POMs using
    settings config with name mvn-settings Replacing all maven server entries not
    found in credentials list is true Could not find credentials ‘’
    for RISOrderProcessMDBApp_MavenBuild #18

    ERROR: Failed to parse POMs

    • org.apache.maven.project.ProjectBuildingException: Some
      problems were encountered while processing the POMs:

    [WARNING] Malformed POM
    Expected root element 'project' but found 'html' (position: START_TAG seen

  • User_D2P5S
    User_D2P5S Member Posts: 11 Red Ribbon
    edited Sep 14, 2018 3:00PM

    Hi Timo,

    In my laptop's jdeveloper the maven package isn't working during log4j.jar file from apache repository.

    In this case, should we be adding both and apache repositories to fetch the required jars?

    I am trying to build the ears from Jenkins using the maven plugin available with it.

    When you mention "Packaging an ear file of an ADF application requires an JDev installation"

    In this case, should I be installing jdeveloper in Jenkins server?

    How does maven plugin in Jenkins builds the ear, I am wondering it isn't able to connect to repository.



  • Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle
    Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle Director of Product Management for Oracle's Cloud Development Tools Posts: 16,854 Employee
    edited Sep 18, 2018 6:50PM

    This really depends on your JDev version - in version 12.2.1 you can setup an application in JDev to be built with Maven instead of the "JDev deployment profiles".

    This might be more useful if you are trying to build without a local JDev install on your CI engine.

    If you want to leverage the deployment profiles that JDev offers you will need to install JDev in a place accessible by your Jenkins.

    I would also recommend that you'll look into potentially using Oracle Developer Cloud Service - it has Git+CI Engine+JDeveloper configured already.

    Building Oracle ADF Applications with Maven Using Oracle Developer Cloud Service

    More on Maven and ADF here:

    Using the Oracle Public Maven Repository With ADF Applications

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