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Problems installing ODTwithODAC122010 error - Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleClientFactory?

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Hello All,

I hope I have posted to the right group!

I have an error with VS2017 running on Windows 10 x64 using Oracle installation of Oracle.  The issue is when I try and connect to an Oracle Server using Tools/Server and create a new connection the following happens,

I can't even connect using the managed driver, this comes up with the following error.

     'Network Naming: No LDAP server detected or configured.'

When it comes to using the unmanaged driver, I get the error message...


          The Type initialiser for 'Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleClientFactory' threw an exception.

I have tried installing vs and re-installing oracle several times with the same result.

I have two installations of ODP which are required.

The first is 11.2.0 is because we have a 10g Oracle Server.  The second which is 12.2.0 is to work with 12.2.0.

These are installed as:

The base directory I have installed these drivers into



Other observations:

-  I have imported TNSNAMES.ora and SQLNAmes.ora into the into Network Admin.
on both installations.

-  The TNS names can be successfully imported into the Oracle Managed Connection and shows in the dropdown list.

-  For the Oracle Unmanaged Client, although it can see and import the TNSNames from file, it does not show this
in the dropdown list.

Can anyone please help?



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