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How much maximum giga byes of heap memory is supported by JDK 1.8

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edited Sep 24, 2018 5:37PM in Java User Groups Discussions

We have encounter a production failure ( MIM0000072940 ) today for EMEA load which is one of the very important process in application, the failure was because of reaching the threshold of JVM Heap memory up to 4 giga bytes which is configured in application.

The application is running on JDK 1.8 version so we would like to know how much maximum giga bytes of heap memory is supported by JDK 1.8 on below servers ?




  • karianna
    karianna Member Posts: 205 Blue Ribbon
    edited Sep 24, 2018 5:37PM

    Was it an OOME? In that case you need to produce a garbage collection log and analyze why it's happening.  Java 8 heaps can go up to 64GB on the right platform fairly easily and can go further.