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sqlcl v18.3.0, 18.2.0 cannot identify jre

Illia Baranenko
Illia Baranenko Member Posts: 1
edited Oct 10, 2018 3:32PM in SQLcl

having difficulty running sqlcl v18.3.0 and 18.2.0 at Win 2012 standalone server-jre 1.8.0_181, jre 1.8.0_181. JAVA_HOME and PATH are configured. java -version resolves correctly. \sqlcl-18.3.0\bin\sql.exe produces "this application requires a java runtime environment 1.8.0_150". launch4j log has "Resource 1: ..\..\jdk\jre", "Check launcher: c:\tools\sqlcl-18.3.0\bin\..\..\jdk\jre\bin\java.exe (not found)". Is it l4j bug? Any ideas for workaround?


  • Glen Conway
    Glen Conway Member Posts: 859 Gold Badge
    edited Oct 10, 2018 3:32PM

    The rules (through SQLcl 17.4) used to be as discussed in , but with the 18.x releases some things have changed as I noted in

    Since I cannot find any SQLcl documentation stating exactly how the JRE is found, and there is no known simple way to force the use of a  specific JRE, we are stuck with playing around.  So, for example, to force SQLcl to startup using a public Java 11 jdk (not jre), I just

    set PATH=set JAVA_HOME=


    sql hr/hr

    (with lots of error messages going to the console, probably because Java 11 is not supported) but then

    show java

    (which sends even more error messages to the console) eventually displays

    Java Detail-----------java.home= C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11java.vendor= Oracle Corporationjava.vendor.url= 11--------------------------------------------------------------------------------os.arch= Windows 10os.version= 10.0path.separator= ;file.separator= \line.separator=


    Of course, since I have the latest 1.8.0_181 JRE pushed from Oracle I do not have a problem, this is all hypothetical for me, but users with machines configured for older Java JREs, for whatever reason, really do need guidance from the SQL Developer team.  Just my 2 cents.