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MySQL Workbench could not connect to the SSH Server, how to solve?

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I've recently had to change the SSH keys of my hosts, due to them being virtualized clones. The problem is that now I don't know how to make MySQL Workbench connect with SSH. It gives me a warning stating that the public key changed (correct), then it gives me a generic error: "Could not acquire management access for administration System Error:"

Testing the connection will instead simply state Test Connection ERROR.

So, how do I make the workbench acknowledge the new SSH key and fix the warnings?

Possibly important to state, before I changed the keys, I could connect without a problem with the workbench SSH.

Best Answer

  • 3720642
    3720642 Member Posts: 10
    edited October 2018 Accepted Answer

    The documentation wasn't helpful. After some messing around I found out that the problem was because I forgot to delete the line from my user's known_hosts file regarding the old fingerprint. (/home/username/.ssh/known_hosts)


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