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Discussion re Developer Workstations

tx100118 Member Posts: 9 Blue Ribbon
edited Oct 30, 2018 7:25PM in Forms

I've got some workstations in which developers only have Forms & Reports Builder installed.  I am tasked to install the FMW Infrastructure on their PC so they have the complete dev and runtime environment on their desktop.  I've noticed the 12c install instructions assume no previous F&R install/config and also show that the FMW infrastructure is installed before the actual the F&R servers which makes sense. 

Does anyone think I will have issues due to the builder / developer software pre-existing?  My gut feeling says that I should not but I wanted input from this community.   I'm just wondering if I need to do a de-install of any Forms / Reports Builder before I start the FMW Infra + F&R Server and then reinstall the builders.

Any thoughts or experiences shared here is appreciated!



  • geotsi
    geotsi Member Posts: 11
    edited Oct 30, 2018 6:29PM

    If you already have Forms and Reports developer 12c installed and they are working then the FMW infrastructure (Weblogic, Form-Report Server) must have been installed and started at least once. So just re-start Weblogic, Forms and Report Server and you'd have a runtime env. You may have to check whether there is an in-process or a standalone report server on the configuration

  • lake
    lake Member Posts: 1,154
    edited Oct 30, 2018 7:25PM

    If you could get it that if the user logged in as user1 they would get the path and environment variables

    for the old version and if they logged in as user2 they would get them for the new version I would think

    it would work.