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SQL Developer Data Modeler - User Defined Properties (UDP) - Sorting

vmu Member Posts: 6


User defined properties (UDP) edition is allowed through design properties

After have edited such properties, they could be used to enrich object definition in the system as on table, table column, entity, entity column, ...

After some tests, the property list is not correctly sorted according into the following object categories:

- Entity

- Table

In other hand is it possible to define an sort order into UDP?


  • Philip Stoyanov-Oracle
    Philip Stoyanov-Oracle Member Posts: 3,353 Employee
    edited Oct 31, 2018 12:15PM
    In other hand is it possible to define an sort order into UDP?

    can elaborate on that? Is it about explicit ordering for each object type the UDP is valid or kind of global ordering to follow and to not apply lexical sorting

  • vmu
    vmu Member Posts: 6
    edited Nov 1, 2018 10:18AM


    1. In the latest version of OSDDM (18.3), after some tests into Entity and Table editor panel I remark the following behavior

         a) Through the Entity.User Defined Properties panel or Table.User Defined Properties panel, the UDP entries is not lexically sorted -> Seems to be a bug

         a) through the Entity.Columns.UDP panel and through the Table.Columns.UDP panel, the UDP entries is correctly lexically sorted

    2. In other hand, is it possible to define it's own order (not default lexical one) through the UDP group?

  • User_PURKD
    User_PURKD Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

    Hi Philip,

    How can we set UDP (user defined properties) using scripting in SDDM?