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Dumps Export issue

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edited Nov 2, 2018 5:24PM in Downloads Issues

Dear all this is my first post in oracle community (Apology in advance for any mistake)

i have dumps of around 250 GB which i export from Live production server (assume  after that i copied (scp) to its relevant server (assume which is used for only reporting and after  scp on server B i restored these dumps on that server for update .The whole 250 GB export took around 70-80 mints ( minimum) .

default path for dumps export is u /back (which space is around 1TB) but some time i forgot to move old dumps so i faced "export failed due to space issue". then what i do

1: kill the current process

2: make some space on relevant directory

3: Then restart same from process from step one.

So my questions are:

1: can i export dumps in chunks (  83 GB + 83 GB + 83 GB) if yes then its possible to to restore my server B ( where i do scp and then restoring ? if yes how?

2: if in current senior , where i have 250 GB and its exporting failed around 200GB due to space issue on that directory , can i resume that from where it stop (if incase i killed that export ), if yes how

3: how to speed up this dumps export and after scp (restoration on server B ) because restoration takes around 2 hrs + .