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Suggestions how to make Java ME mutch better.

edited Nov 6, 2018 1:09PM in Java ME SDK

Hello Oracle!

I got some suggestions how to make Java ME mutch better.

  1. Increase the support of more devices, such as Raspberry Zero, Banana Pi, BeegleBone, NanoPi and so on. Look at which uses C to control the GPIO pins from all Raspberry Pi's.
  2. Have a look how they have structure their page. Oracle should do the same.
  3. Show a benchmark how fast Java ME is compared to C. C-programmers still think Java is very slow.
  4. Create a video tutorial how to use Java ME. I think very few people are using Java ME due to lack of support. I have tried to use Java ME, but it's too difficult to understand what to use to make it work.
  5. This is the best one: Show how to use Java ME with Java EE. Then you can create web applications who controlls the GPIO pins = Internet Of Thing. I have combine Pi4J + Java Server Faces. Works great! Unfortunately Pi4J is for Java SE and not Java ME.

Here is my GitHub for embedded systems and web applications with Java:

I would like to help Oracle create a motivation to use Java ME. But I can't do that without make Java ME to work first. My suggestion is that if show me how to use and install Java ME, I can create lots of projects on a new repository at my GitHub.

Now to my question:

When does Oracle update Java ME from 8.3 to 8.x ?

Best regards

Daniel Mårtensson



  • Very poor support, and development solutions are not complete for Java ME. Sometimes I have to down grade my system to get j2me working.

    For the above comments, I agree with some of it, but not all. I hope Java ME can run on micro-controllers. I can run full java on Raspberry Pi, why should I care about Java ME? Java ME is moving to a wrong direction.