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Oracle Dev Tools for Visual Studio 2017, Schema Compare errors

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This question has already been asked in January, 2018, but it is now archived and not answered.

I have Oracle 11g databases that I want to compare schema.  In the latest ODT downloaded yesterday, I have imported the schema of database A.  I run "Oracle Schema Compare" in solution explorer.  I "Select Source" as the project for database A.  I "Select Target" as a database connection.  Click OK, and it throws dozens of errors, all of the type, "There is no possible parse follow up at the token..."  It appears to be an especially strict scan of the code.  For example:

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State

Error There is no possible parse follow up at the token "case" :


from dec_ACCOM_GROUP ag2 where ag2.ada_svc_id=p_ada_svc_id and sec_done ='Y')) then


        else 'N'

        end case into retVal from dual;


return retVal;




Possible follow up tokens are:










'INTO' db db \C:\LSTS Codebase\LSTS Source Code\Development\Oracle Project\xxx\Functions\db.GET_DEC_ADA.sql 26

The code is in production and works just fine, not throwing any errors.  Is this a case where the parser doesn't like our coding style?  What is going on here?

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