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From MySQL to Oracle 10g

AnnieM Member Posts: 57 Red Ribbon
edited December 2018 in MySQL Community Space


We are in a Windows 7 environment (so I downloaded MySQL Workbench 6.3, MySQL Server 5.7)

I have a large MySQL .sql file which I ran to create the tables, indexes, and other objects.

Now I need to either:

(1) Convert the .sql script to PL/SQL

(2) Migrate the MySQL objects to Oracle 10g

I downloaded SQL Develper ( Version and set up the connections to

(1) our Oracle database

(2) MySQL

so I can view the objects in both

I followed steps here to set up a repository with the appropriate rights and table space:


When I right click that though to "Create Repository" I receive errors:


So I make sure all objects are deleted and try again with the same results.

I have seen this error mentioned online but I have confirmed the user, MIGRATION, who is associated with Migration_Repository has the correct rights and table space.

Does anyone know how to fix or if there is another option?

I know SQL Developer has a "Copy to Oracle" option which works -- but I also need to copy over indexes.

Thank you for your help and Happy Thanksgiving

(I am grateful for this community - thank you!)


AnnieMDave Stokes-MySQL Community Team-Oracle


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