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Would you please let us know when the new version of berkeley db JE would be released?

Cheng Liu
Cheng Liu Member Posts: 2
edited Jan 29, 2019 2:28PM in Berkeley DB Java Edition

Hello sir/madam,

Would you please let us know when the new version of berkeley db JE would be released?

We met an issue as following and found it fixed in

exception on a replica node, when using TTL in conjunction with record deletions:

  2018-02-10 12:00:00.006 UTC INFO [rg1-rn1] JE: Replay thread exiting with exception:Environment invalid because of previous exception: ... Replicated operation could not be applied. DEL_LN_TX/14 vlsn=1,711,027,333 isReplicated="1" txn=-834602813 LOG_INCOMPLETE: Transaction logging is incomplete, replica is invalid. Environment is invalid and must be closed. Problem seen replaying entry DEL_LN_TX/14 vlsn=1,711,027,333 isReplicated="1" txn=-834602813

The problem can occur under the following conditions:

  • The TTL feature is used.
  • A replica is lagging or down (this is not uncommon).
  • Records with a TTL are also sometimes deleted explicitly at around the time the record expires.

Prior to this bug fix, the problem could be corrected only by performing a network restore on the replica. [#26851]


  • user1205686
    user1205686 Member Posts: 4
    edited Dec 19, 2018 11:26AM

    We also would like to know the next release date for BDB JE.  Would someone please communicate this to us.

  • userBDBDMS-Oracle
    userBDBDMS-Oracle Member Posts: 788 Employee
    edited Jan 29, 2019 2:28PM

    We are not permitted to place such information on the forums.  If you have ever attended a public Oracle presentation, we put up a SAFE HARBOR statement and the same guidelines for that apply here.  If you have a support contract, please reach out to Oracle support and put in a request for a patch.  Often times, things like this can be handled via a patch and support can evaluate/assist with that.   If you do not have a support contract, I would suggest contacting an Oracle sales representative and have that discussion.  

    Hope this helps,