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Inconsistency in space calculation (12Gb limit)

In XE 18c its possible to create a new tablespace with 12Gb datafile, as expected.

However, if drop and create of same 12Gb tablespace is repeated several times, suddenly the error is returned about space limit reached.

If 12Gb tablespace is created, however, sometimes its impossible to create an empty table in it with same error.

I.e. even if disk space is already allocate, it does not guarantee that an object can be created in it successfully.

Do we know rules on how used space is calculated?


  • User_0RN30
    User_0RN30 Member Posts: 4 Green Ribbon

    I know this is way late.

    And I know it is incomplete.


    I just ran into that 12gig limit on an 18c-XE laptop database.

    We added our own tablespace so there was an additional datafile involved.

    To get under the limit I had to:

    -reduce the data we feed into our tablespace

    -reorganize the data inside the SYSAUX tablespace (a pain) and do a shrink on the sysaux datafile