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FRM-41072 Cannot create group error in Custom.pll

I am trying to change for the custom Request Group using CUSTOM.pll (Forms 10g) and getting a FRM-41072: Cannot create Group DNR_LOC_WITH_COLL. The query is pretty simple, cannot find a problem. Help please.

v_rg_query := 'SELECT site_uses.location location

         ,loc.address1  ADDRESS

         , decode(site_uses.primary_flag,

              ''Y'', ''Yes'',

              ''No'') primary

       ,loc.address1 address1


        ,loc.address3 address3

       ,site_uses.site_use_id site_use_id

       ,site_uses.cust_acct_site_id address_id

       ,site_uses.bill_to_site_use_id bill_to_site_use_id

       ,site_uses.primary_salesrep_id primary_salesrep_id

       ,loc.location_id location_id

       ,loc.state state

       , country

       ,loc.postal_code postal_code

       ,site_uses.territory_id territory_id

       ,''Bill To'' business_purpose

from hz_cust_acct_sites_all acct_site,

     hz_party_sites party_site,

     hz_locations loc,

     hz_cust_site_uses_all site_uses,

     fnd_territories_vl t  

where acct_site.party_site_id = party_site.party_site_id

  and loc.location_id = party_site.location_id

  and acct_site.cust_acct_site_id = site_uses.cust_acct_site_id

  and = t.territory_code

  and site_uses.site_use_code=''BILL_TO''

  and acct_site.cust_account_id=26137 and site_uses.site_use_code=''BILL_TO''

   and site_uses.status=''A''

   and acct_site.status=''A''

   and site_uses.location = 79639';

I ran this query in TOAD just fine (using just single quotes)