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Xammp+oracle 11g+php

edited April 2019 in PHP

Hello, I finally got php to load the oic8 extension. However php and oracle are on the same machine and with these changes the software that uses oracle can not connect to oracle. How can I define two Variable Paths?

Christopher Jones-Oracle


  • Gaz in Oz
    Gaz in Oz Member Posts: 3,776 Bronze Crown
    edited January 2019

    Sounds like you made the wrong changes to get php to "work".

    php and Oracle can happily co-exist on the same machine. Changing stuff to the php install should NOT affect the database install.

    Please be more specific on your setup and what you mean by "software that uses Oracle cannot connect".

    Defining "two Variable paths" is easy. Use batch/shell scripts.

    Make one for php, set PATH to whatever you need it set to and call it before executing any php code.

    Make one for the "software thatuses Oracle and cannot connect", set the PATH to whatever you need itset to and call it accordingly ...

    The OS will govern how you do the above.

    Refer to my first statement, really it does sound like you have made the wrong changes to get php to "work".

    Christopher Jones-Oracle
  • vansul
    vansul Member Posts: 438
    edited April 2019

    You may use a batch shell script, define the variable before calling the dependent application.

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