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Help with Java

Gayathri Venugopal
Gayathri Venugopal Member Posts: 108
edited Jan 16, 2019 4:58AM in Java User Groups Discussions


I have created an array list and stored the contents of the file in the Array list.

I just need a clue on the following:

if suppose the contents of the array list has *something*.The output in java console should be <b>something</b>

if it has %hello% it should be underline like <u>underline</u>

basically depending the on the special characters the output in the java console should be in HTML format. Please help


  • karianna
    karianna Member Posts: 205 Blue Ribbon
    edited Jan 16, 2019 4:58AM

    If you need to write to the console you need to use System.out.println and friends.  In order to produce correct HTML, I'd recommend using any number of Java HTML libraries out there.