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Launch javaws 7 using a certificate as parameter

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Dear Java experts,

first of all I hope that this is the right section where to open this threat, otherwise feel free to move it to the best section.

We have a custom java client running over Java7 ( that we launched using something like javaws.exe https://sample-url.local/page.jnlp .

The server application is deployed over a Tomcat 8.*.

The main idea is that the client will be launched by a machine, therefore we need to implement a two factors authentication using username and password + a certificate, that will be sent from the client to the server while authenticating, that could be easily used by a script.

We need to implement a mechanism able to authenticate the client and share the certificate, that should be installed somewhere in the machine.

We don't understand how to push our certificate to the server, we opened the help of the javaws, but we don't see anything that could be used to implement such thing.


Do you have any idea about how we could push the certificate to the server while launching the request?

we tried something like bin\javaws.exe\security\cacerts https://sample-url.local/page.jnlp , but the previous popup opened saying that this command is not accepted as a valid parameter.