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Regarding saving individual records in Hadoop

I have a requirement where along with handling warehousing data utilizing Hadoop HDFS and

HIVE as the SQL abstraction to save data, I would like to provide UI to user to save individual

records into HADOOP HDFS using HIVE.

I understand that single row updates are not feasible using HIVE.

So the question is how to provide an user interface to the user to accept updated values

and then write this individual record to the HDFS using HIVE.

This would be similar to providing a UI to the user when using an RDBMS and using

an update sql to update the individual record in the RDBMS. I would like to carry

out the same action only difference being the table is now in HDFS and I would

like to update an individual record and give a message to user in real time

that record has been saved.