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stdlibfilt error . Need additional details

User_CUHYB Member Posts: 1 Blue Ribbon

I am getting a error while compiling the C++ file - CC: stdlibfilt failed for ..cpp First of all I am not able to find any documentation on stdlibfilt  and what it does. I am using Solaris studio 12.4 on Solaris 5.11 Sparc 9. Any pointers on fixing this issue or any understanding of the stdlibfilt will be helpful


  • Maxim Kartashev-Oracle
    Maxim Kartashev-Oracle Member Posts: 64
    edited Feb 25, 2019 4:17AM

    stdlibfilt is a very simple text filter that replaces some of the standard library (STL) names that often have very long list of template arguments with their shorter human-readable versions like std::string. It uses /bin/sed to do so, so I'd start with checking if sed works on the system. You can try adding -v -keeptmp to the command line that fails and execute the failing command by hand to learn why it fails.