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How can I reduce the library size of Berkeley DB

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edited Aug 30, 2006 6:31PM in Berkeley DB
I want to use Berkeley DB on VxWorks. But the library size of Berkeley DB is too large, I need to reduce. How can I do? Thanks.


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    524722 Member Posts: 131
    You can use the smaller footprint workspace and project files provided.
    As of the 4.3.29 release there is a small footprint build. You can find it
    in db/build_vxworks/BerkeleyDB20small.wsp for VxWorks 5.4/Tornado 2.0.
    Or it is db/build_vxworks/BerkeleyDB22small.wsp for VxWorks 5.5/Tornado 2.2.

    If you look in the build_vxworks directory you will also see the project
    files for small BerkeleyDB builds.

    How large is too large? Depending on the version of BDB and your
    BSP, the size of the standard library is between 500Kb- 1Mb.

    Sue LoVerso
    Berkeley DB Engineer
    Oracle Corp.
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    I have use the small footprint project. The size of library for powerPC 603 is about 1.2M. The total memory size of target is 4M. I want to reduce the library size to about 300K. I only use the basic function.
  • 524722
    524722 Member Posts: 131
    What version of Berkeley DB are you using?
    Are you sure you are building a release version instead of a debug version?
    What version of VxWorks/Tornado are you using?

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    530843 Member Posts: 2
    My Berkeley DB is the latest version(4.4.20, without encryption). I build the library under VxWorks5.4/Tornado2.0. I select the release tool chain.
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