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Transparent NTLM authentication in Windows with JDK 8u201

Transparent NTLM authentication in Windows was working seamlessly till JDK 8u181. Starting JDK 8u201, it gives us 401 error.

Further investigation revealed that JDK 8u201 introduces a new property "jdk.http.ntlm.transparentAuth" in JRE_HOME/lib folder with three possible values: disabled, trustedHosts and allHosts with default value being disabled.

Documentation in says that "if you choose "trustedHosts", make sure the URL is added in windows trusted site."


1. How do you add a URL to Windows trusted site?

2. If Java client and server are on the same host, then do we need to explicitly add locahost in trustedHosts list, or is localhost added to trustedHosts list by default?