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MySQL to Oracle Migration

Raghav_DBA Member Posts: 95
edited March 2019 in MySQL Community Space

For learning I am migrating  one MYSQL database to ORACLE using SQL Developer.


As per screenshot My TEST database has only one table


But migration is failing for some other object which even not existing in MYSQL test database.


  • Gaz in Oz
    Gaz in Oz Member Posts: 3,776 Bronze Crown
    edited March 2019

    Screenshots relay zero actionable information.

    "TEST" is definitely different to test in the mysql database.

    What mysql database actually contains an object "TEST"."MD_PROJECTS"?

    What database do you think you are connecting to?

    What are the connection details? - show them.

    ...and the obvious question, did you check the logs and what did they have to say about your situation?

  • Dave Stokes-MySQL Community Team-Oracle
    Dave Stokes-MySQL Community Team-Oracle MySQL Community Manager TexasMember Posts: 350 Employee
    edited March 2019

    This is a MySQL forum so a question about migrating away from MySQL this forum is not going to gather a lot of answers.  You would probably do better asking a Goldengate or Oracle DBA forum.

  • Raghav_DBA
    Raghav_DBA Member Posts: 95
    edited March 2019

    Hi Gaz,

    I first screenshot you can see test database in MYSQL has only one object(detail table).

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