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silent Install of Oracle 18XE with responsefile not working.

Netic Member Posts: 8 Red Ribbon

Hello Oracle Community,

as the title says, installation with the responsefile (XEInstall.rsp) is not quite working.

Im using following command in the unpacked zip of oracle 18xe:

setup.exe /S /v/qn -f1"C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\OracleXE184_Win64\XEInstall.rsp" -f2"C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\OracleXE184_Win64\setup.log" (Command works for 11XE).

I modified the XEInstall.rsp with a different Installation path, but it is always choosing the default one. (It will also not create a setup.log) so oracle 18XE is being installed, but not using the responsfile.

i couldn't find a solution for this in the internet.

What i'm missing here?

Kind regards

R. Classen

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