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install just one node

M.Fazlollahi Member Posts: 142
edited March 2019 in Database Installation


I'm going to install oracle 12c in rac environment.

but my question is can I install rac just in one node?

I want to install cluster not rac one node database?


Best Answer

  • Dude!
    Dude! Member Posts: 22,826 Blue Diamond
    edited March 2019 Accepted Answer

    Your question is ambiguous. Can you please invest a bit more effort to explain what you have installed and plan to do?

    Generally, you cannot use a Linux cluster as a substitute for running Oracle RAC. Oracle RAC provides the required software and infrastructure to be able to run a single database on multiple nodes. It requires to install RAC on at least 2 nodes and special shared storage devices providing block level access. The later is typically iSCSI or Infinitiband or Fiber cable, or Oracle Direct NFS.


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