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How to install Big Data SQL in a 12c DB? [Docker containers]

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edited Mar 21, 2019 11:32AM in Big Data Connectors/Hadoop

I have been working with an Oracle NoSQL database for the last couple months. I use this database to store Tweeter data (along all the metadata it produces) and I use Table.API for such purposes. However, as this is not a relational database, I can't perform complex queries on it.

Thats when I learned about Oracle Big Data SQL, which integrates relational, non-relational and Hadoop data all into one place, letting you make queries on the data stores across all platforms.

I am using Oracle 12c database as my chosen relational database; now, my question is ¿How can I install Big Data SQL in a 12c database? All the documentation I could find are the docs, where it specifies the installation for Hadoop and Hexadata systems, but not for a simple relational database.

I also must mention, as it says in the title, that all my DBs are stored in Docker containers. If you are unfamiliar with Docker containers, this basically means that I have no graphical interface. I can only work from Bash.

Thanks in advance for all the posible help.