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Interactive Grid - hide format settings

Marc C
Marc C Member Posts: 18
edited Mar 29, 2019 6:24AM in APEX Discussions

My intention is to make an Interactive Grid (IG, not IR) more colourful for all users, by customizing the format of the IG via its User Interface Toolbar.

To make it available for all users, I do the settings via the user-interface as an administrator and then, in the end, I save the settings in the Primary Report.

I do the adjustment of the colours via Toolbar - menu Actions/Format/Highlight and then set some conditional row-highlighting.

Subsequently, a colouring schema, as I would call it, is displayed below the toolbar (much like it does for e.g. user-filter-criteria).

Though, I now want to hide the toolbar and the display of the colouring schema.

I can hide the toolbar by a setting in the APEX-builder. That works OK.

Though, I do not have a control to hide that colouring schema.

For an Interactive Report (not an Interactive Grid) , I successfully achieve the hiding by inline CSS at the page-level:


by which both toolbar and colouring schema are hidden.

But such code does not work for a grid. Neither I can find a setting anywhere by which that can be controlled.

Any ideas ?

Jaydipsinh Raulji

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