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Reverse engineering in .Net Core 2

edited March 2019 in ODP.NET


I am trying to do a reverse engineering from a Oracle Database, using the "Entity Framework Core Tool --> Scaffold-DbContext".

I installed the nuget package "Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Core", and run this in the Package Manager Console:

Scaffold-DbContext "Data Source=TORCL;User Id=hr;Password=hr;" Oracle.ManagedDataAccess -OutputDir DB_Oracle

but I got this error message:

Unable to find expected assembly attribute named DesignTimeProviderServicesAttribute in provider assembly Oracle.ManagedDataAccess. This attribute is required to identify the class which acts as the design-time service provider factory.

Finally, I realized (in part reading other discussions here) that the "Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Core" driver is only for ADO.NET, so I need a specific Entify Framework driver to do the mentioned reverse engineering with "Scaffold-DbContext", and that there are only a Beta version.

Is it correct?

Thank you in advance¡

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