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Java Card send command

edited April 2019 in Java Card


I need help about java card command.

I have develop an Wallet application and I don't know how I can deploy on J VM.


I cannot dowload cap file, cannot install and failed to select it also.


  • patrick.vh-Oracle
    patrick.vh-Oracle Member Posts: 17 Employee
    edited April 2019

    The first command (Install for load) failed with status 6985 (conditions of use not satisfied)
    Did you check if your application is only importing packages that are available on the target platform you're trying to load into?

  • nihitthakkar
    nihitthakkar Member Posts: 49 Red Ribbon

    Java Card is a software technology that allows Java-based applications to run securely on smart cards and similar small memory footprint devices. Java Card is a Java platforms targeted for embedded devices. 

    The send command for Java Card applet call by sendBytes() method to send out data. If the data is in an internal buffer, the applet invokes the sendByteLong() command.

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