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ODBC - Instant client ODBC installation probem

3932215 Member Posts: 1
edited May 14, 2019 9:26AM in ODBC

Hi I Downloaded instant client  / ODBC add on from Oracle and followed installation instructions

I downloaded the 10_2 version lite version and the ODBC driver.

Installed in the same directrory as instructed and tried to install the ODBC driver but it said it could not find instant client. So I deleted everything, installed the full verision of instant client and ODBC again.

When I tried to install got this


Oracle ODBC Driver with same name already exists.

Driver is not listed in ODBC config tool

If try to uninstall I get


Some problem occured while deleting the registry key.

How do resolve this and progress ?  I tried an 11 version on a different machine and have ended up with the same problem. Anyone know how do I resolve this ?


  • SSakthi-Oracle
    SSakthi-Oracle Member Posts: 18 Employee
    edited May 14, 2019 9:26AM

    Clean the entry in the registry and check. Use Regedit for cleaning

  • C. L.
    C. L. Member Posts: 13 Blue Ribbon

    Wow, this is the Oracle Software quality we all know and love :(

  • Billy Verreynne
    Billy Verreynne Software Engineer Member Posts: 28,588 Red Diamond

    Do not blame Oracle for the worst design decision made for Windows NT - the Registry.

    You want to argue this please do - there are sound technical reasons why complexity and obscurity breeds a fragile and insecure environment, and why you would be wrong.

  • C. L.
    C. L. Member Posts: 13 Blue Ribbon

    This has nothing to do with the registry, it is simply so that a lot of the cmds, perl scripts and shell scripts delivered by Oracle have no error handling whatsoever. Some of the Oracle products, licensable, are so bad that probably a monkey would generate better code (Audit Vault, anyone)?

    In the 21th century one could expect Oracle (which is a very expensive product, offering a barely acceptable support) to at least be able to deliver a better error than "Oh my, an error occurred".

    Isn't it ironic that free products, like sql developer, have an awesome support and the Oracle Database Server, for which one pays a lot of money, both in licensens and recurring support fees, is scarily bad?

    As for complexity and obscurity, really...since when is Oracle transparent and simple? If you want to talk transparency and simplicity then argue when it comes to an open source software, but when it comes to Oracle it's just laughable. Pot calling the kette black.

    You have your opinion, I have mine.

    I am kind of dissapointed that you responded to me being frustrated by not finding a solution or a cause for the original posting instead of actually responding to the initial issue. Maybe you were having a bad day too ;-)


  • Billy Verreynne
    Billy Verreynne Software Engineer Member Posts: 28,588 Red Diamond

    My response was to the ODBC installation issue, with an opinion based on installing and debugging ODBC drivers on Windows and Linux. Did not read it as a specific issue to Oracle.

    And have a special dislike for the Windows Registry from my days doing Win32 development over 2 decades ago. Remember with disgust how I attended a Microsoft Windows-NT workshop prior to getting a beta preview copy, and being told of how great and innovative the new Registry was.

    The very same "critical thinking" on ignoring OOB IP packets, went into the Registry concept. The former was eventually fixed, but the latter was a flawed core design principle that remained unfixed.

    Had many a bad day as a result of that... ;-)