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launching SQLCL within a bash script

user13352879 Member Posts: 11


Was wondering if someone could help with an issue that I am having with sqlcl. if I create a bash script and in it put something like

bash /data/applications/sqlcl/bin/sql -oci -s <dbcredentials> @sql_to_run.sql "a" "b" "c"

into the script. If I then launch my script as

bash scriptname &

Then sqlcl just seems to do nothing - I can see the process running - but it remains in this state and never executes the script or dies, however if I run it like

bash scriptname

(note without the &)  then it runs 100% correctly.

Does sqlcl not support running from a script using &? I use the same process for SQLPlus and it works fine.

Thanks in advance