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Mysql monitor enterprise: can’t set up an Event handles for advisor “file system free space” to resp

user8377635 Member Posts: 1
edited Apr 12, 2019 10:10AM in MySQL Community Space


I’m trying to set up an event handler to get an email notification about the “percentage of free space available”.

This sub-advisor “percentage of free space available” is include in “file system free space” advisor and it generates events based on the percentage of free space available, relative to the total space on the monitored device.

I tried to get these notifications (alerts) at certain frequencies but unfortunately when I set up notifications, they will show up every minute without interruption (default setting).

I tried to change the advisor’s behavior (“file system free space”) in [configuration section -> advisor] by setting this to:

  1. Schedule type: fix rate; 2) Fix rate:  5 minute

But still sending notification each minute.

I’m using ORACLE Mysql Enterprise Monitor Version:

Could you help me to set up properly this event handler?


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