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oracle installation

3974923 Member Posts: 1

rollback of the installation
i can't complete the installation

Screenshot (20).pngScreenshot (19).png



  • Christian.Shay -Oracle
    Christian.Shay -Oracle Posts: 1,856 Employee
    edited April 2019

    There's been a few common issues we are seeing, lets make sure you are not hitting them:

    1) Is ORACLE_HOME or TNS_ADMIN set in the environment? Go to a command prompt, type "set". We will need to temporarily unset any such environment variables as this is the most common cause of rollbacks.

    2) Are you using Windows 10 Home Edition? It is not supported and the installer is not properly checking for it in the Prerequisite check.

    3) Are you using Server 2019? Same issue.

    4) On your network adapter that you are using, check (enable) "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks"

    5) Try creating a local user and adding to local administrator group and then log in and install as that user.

    If any of these work for you, please report back and let me know.

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