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Clling a Compiled HTML HelpFile Topic from Web Form


I'm a project manager on a development project in a client's Oracle environment. We want to deliver help files from the unix server when a user presses the F1 key or the ? button. The application runs on the server and users have access to it through web forms. In the new web-based application, we want to be able to access compiled HTML Help files (.chm) AND a specific topic in the file - a context sensitive approach. Our developers are using the WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT call and the help file name to get just the help file, but we can't figure out how to call a specific topic in the file (topic ID's and numbers have been assigned to each topic and the file is compiled with the ID's in it). Do you have any way to do this? If so, can you provide a script that works?

Also, when the file is delivered, the users get the Open/Save dialog box prior to delivery. Have you ever heard of a way to supress this dialog programmatically so the user won't see the dialog? I have seen this work in the real world but have never been able to figure it out.

Eric Blythe ([email protected])


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    You are asking a Forms/Microsoft Help related question.

    The Oracle Help Technologies Forum is intended to be a resource for OHJ (Oracle Help for Java) and OHW (Oracle Help for Web) product related issues. This forum is not intended for general help discussion.

    Having said that, here is a blurb from the Ehelp (RoboHelp) help system:

    "For context-sensitive Help to work properly, both the Help author and developer need to use the correct topic IDs in the same map files. This sounds fairly simple and straightforward except that the HTML Help engine requires a topic ID plus something known as a map number.

    The topic ID is matched with its corresponding map number in the map file. The entire string (known as a map ID) looks something like this:

    #define ID_PizzaDeliveryForm 101

    Any number between 0 and 4294967294 is valid, but the same map number cannot be used more than once in a Help project."

    For more info about Microsoft Help (HTML Help), visit the Microsoft site.

    Btw, Forms provides you with the ability to programmatically supress messages. See the Forms help system for details.


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