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MYSQL-Issue in accessing stored procedure globally by all users

Murugappan Murugappan
Murugappan Murugappan Member Posts: 3
edited April 2019 in MySQL Community Space

Hi Team,

Whenever i am creating stored procedure SP1 in mysql workbench, Definer gets created automattically with my user name(user1) by default with the syntax 'username'@'hostname'. so stored procedure can accessed only by my user.

If i am logging from another user(user2)  and trying to access the stored procedure SP1. This user can't be able to access the stored procedure SP1.

My Assumption - The reason behind the issue is not able to access SP1 from user2 is due to that definer created automattically with the user name as user1.

Need solution - So whether there will be any possibility of restricting the definer creating automattically or Is there any way to give permissions to access SP1 by all users irrespective of definer restriction.

second question - for one user, i have not given drop and delete privilage. Eventhough that user able to drop and delete the stored procedure. how is ti possible and not able to use revoke command?

Thanks in Advance,

Murugappan Murugappan.

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