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how to fix failed deployment

Asmirnov-Oracle Member Posts: 579 Green Ribbon
edited Apr 24, 2019 1:18PM in QA/Testing


I did install OATS 13.3 . During the installation ...install/oats.ear failed with this message in deploy.log:

ERROR: Timed out waiting 2 minute, trying to connect to server.

After the installation I can't access localhost:8088/admin.

I navigated to


and i can see that oats_ee deployment failed.

Hot do i fix the failed deployment? Or any other ideas?



Just to add - i was not expecting the tool be 100% bug free, but here is one which i didn't fancy - in the weblogic log i am seeing this message:

64040: Specified template does not exist or is not a file: "C:\OracleATS\wls\wlserver\common\templates\wls\wls.jar".

To me it indicates not taking into consideration the custom folder to install OATS, it just takes the one which defaults to C:\OracleATS

If any feedback from wonderboys please let me me know )

Hello again, today is April 24, 2019

Not sure if Oracle does monitor this list, but if there is an interest to hear the fix - what helped me was adding two parameters in the Admin server startup options through the admin console

Deepu Muraleedharan