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Error on Instant Client 11g - Cannot load vendor library []

J-Ricardo-G Member Posts: 14 Red Ribbon
edited May 17, 2019 9:18AM in Database Installation

I've installed Oracle Instant Client on a Linux Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS to access a remote database 11g ona Windows server according to the instructions found on  , including the post-installation tasks at the bottom of the page.

After that I could run SQLPlus and access the remote database sucessfuly,  BUT when I run an application that uses Oracle instant client driver I got this error :

[FireDAC][Phys][Ora]-314. Cannot load vendor library []. Hint: check it is in the PATH or application EXE directories, and has x64 bitness.

The application is a Delphi RAD Server (EMS) 10.3.1 module (.so) that runs under Apache 2.4, compiled for Linux 64.   This program access a database table  by using Delphi components   TFDPhysOracleDriverLink, TFDManager and TFDConnection.  

In TFDConnection component I configure the database access information : driver, driver file location (, hostname and  instance name.   

This same program when deployed to Windows works fine, but when deployed to Linux generates the above error.

1) Is there any additional step to configure instant client to Linux ? 

2) Is there any compatibility issue of Delphi  10.3.1 in Linux with oracle Instant Client ?

I appreciate any help on this issue !

Thanks in advance .