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Java Stored Procedure and CLOB

I_love_bits Member Posts: 91
edited Aug 6, 2019 7:54PM in Java Programming

Hi, I have a CLOB question.

I have the follwoing Java Code from the Web:

CREATE OR REPLACE AND RESOLVE JAVA SOURCE NAMED TESTJAVA as import*;    import java.sql.Connection;    import oracle.jdbc.driver.*;    import oracle.sql.CLOB;    public class TESTJAVA {        public static CLOB clobTest(String inputString) throws java.sql.SQLException {            OracleDriver driver = new OracleDriver();            Connection conn     = driver.defaultConnection();            CLOB clob           = CLOB.createTemporary(conn, false, CLOB.DURATION_CALL);            clob.setString(1, inputString);            //CLOB.freeTemporary(clob);  // <--- ??            return clob;        }}

The question ist about "CLOB.freeTemporary(clob);"

In this case it doesn't make sense to do it before the return statement. And because of a compile-time error I can not do it after the return statement.

Am I completly wrong with this if I want to return a CLOB?





  • morgalr
    morgalr Member Posts: 457
    edited Aug 6, 2019 7:54PM


    I am sure you have found your answer or workaround for this by now, but for completeness let me put an answer out here:

    in your clobTest routine you are returning a reference to a CLOB that is created in the context, clob. You return this reference and when you do your caller, I'll assume, catches the return reference and it is assigned to an appropriate variable in the caller.  That clob that you returned is the same CLOB object that is referenced now by your caller.  If you were able to be successful in freeing your clob object locally, then there would be no CLOB object for your caller to reference--you would at best be referencing space that has been set to be gc'ed, which in and of itself causes a problem in the logic of Java garbage collection.

    What you basically have is a CLOB factory, returning a CLOB which is creates locally and is referenced locally by your variable clob.