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External links from OHJ

I have created some links to external websites and also a mailto: link in my project but they do not work within Oracle Help for Java. I have verified the links using a web browser. Is it possible to use these kinds of links in OHJ or do they have to be modified in some way.


Dave Odell


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    I've successfully used external HREF links without any modification. (e.g. 'Oracle)
    The mailto: protocol won't work well because the browser component embedded in OHJ doesn't know about your default mail browser.

  • One additional thing to keep in mind when you are linking to
    external sites in Oracle Help for Java is whether or not you
    access the internet through a proxy server. If you access
    the internet through a proxy server (i.e. from behind a
    company firewall) you have probably set up the proxy server
    in your personal web browser.

    The Java Virtual Machine that you are running Oracle Help
    for Java on is no different, it needs to know if HTTP
    requests should go through a proxy server. You can specify
    a proxy server using the http.proxyHost and (optionally)
    http.proxyPort Java system properties. These can be
    set on the command line using the following syntax:

    java D:\demodoc\myHelpset.hs

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